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Rope Access

Rope Access

When it comes to keeping your property windows looking their best, Rope Access Window Cleaning is a great way to keep the windows spotless. This unique method of Rope Access Cleaning Islington is one of the most effective ways of keeping large glass areas and tall buildings free from dirt and smudges.

Although it requires a range of specialist skills and equipment, Rope Access Window Cleaning can be a very simple solution to carry out for our professionals at ProClean. Due to the nature of abseiling window cleaning jobs, it requires a very high level of safety and training to undertake. Our cleaning technicians will securely attach themselves to the top of the building before slowly abseiling down the side, thoroughly cleaning each window as they pass by it. The harness and ropes used in window cleaning allow complete freedom to move up and down, as well as across the building as required.

Here at ProClean, we know how beneficial rope access window cleaning can be. For over 10 years, our highly experienced team has been working with residential and commercial properties with expert window cleaning. We are experts at working at height, and alongside our window cleaning options, we can also help with an array of additional services. This includes Reach and Wash, Commercial Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning. Our unique rope access window cleaning has been designed to help you save money on your maintenance and cleaning services.

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